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How Mudavadi changed tune on corruption, bottom-up economic model and Ruto

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ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi. PHOTO/Kenna Claude
ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi. PHOTO/Kenna Claude

As the country continues to gear up for the highly anticipated August 9 general elections, the political space has seen it all, to say the less.

The electioneering period has seen politicians move from one faction to the other in a bid to be part of the government or clinch various elective positions.

Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi. PHOTO/Courtesy
Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Among leaders whose move was treated as a shocker was Amani National Congress (ANC) boss Musalia Mudavadi who joined Deputy President William Ruto’s political faction ahead of the August polls.

This came despite Mudavadi, who openly discusses economic challenges, having been caught on record regularly castigating the DP and his boss, Uhuru Kenyatta over the country’s debt.

Mudavadi on working with Ruto

In fact, in September 2019, Mudavadi ruled out any possibility of ever working with DP Ruto terming him the architect of the economic crisis in Kenya.

“He has asked me to support his 2022 presidential bid yet he is the same man who has been at the forefront in subjecting our country to debts. 

“Now he is seeking my support, which implies that I should be part of this problem. That is not possible,” Mudavadi said. 

In a separate meeting, Mudavadi dressed down DP Ruto for claiming that he is in a position to solve the country’s problems yet he is part of the government that has tendencies of borrowing loans.

“These are the people who have ensured Kenya borrowed loans we are now paying as a country. With more debt, the economy is tough. A man can't buy new clothes for his wife because our economy is doing badly

“Our sons and brothers have lost jobs and cannot pay rent. How then do you come here to claim you will offer solutions?” He posed.

Also known as MaDVD, the former Vice President noted that Kenyans would be foolish to vote for DP Ruto in the August 9 polls.

He argued that the DP has been enjoying privileges at the expense of taxpayers.

“If they have been in the government when all these are happening, he (Ruto) can't come here to tell you he will change the situation. You are the source of the problem and then you are going to solve it... Nani mjinga?

“I want to ask you, who is foolish? I have been a vice president and I know when you are the vice or deputy president the government pays all your bills,” Mudavadi wondered.

As the DP continued to intensify his campaigns, Mudavadi on the other hand continued to question his ability to lead the country.

Mudavadi on corruption

Notably, as the campaigns continued, the deputy president unveiled his bottom-up economic model and Mudavadi was among the first leaders to dismiss it.

The ANC boss simply argued that Kenya needs solutions and not models.

“There are several models being pushed around, but that is not the point. People want to know how we will pay our debts, and how we will lower taxes. If there is corruption, the only way is to have the corrupt taken to court. There is no model in handling our challenges,” Mudavadi said.

Adding; “We are dealing with an economic crisis. We all know the country is going through a lot of strain partly through Covid-19. Why are we talking about models and confusing Kenyans?”

Mudavadi's change of tune

However, months later, Mudavadi started subscribing to DP Ruto’s ideologies and hitting out at the latter’s political rivals after a number of secret meetings.

Mudavadi and DP Ruto and at a past event. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Kenya Kwanza leaders DP William Ruto and ANC boss Musalia Mudavadi at a past event. PHOTO/Courtesy

In December 2021, the ANC boss tore into Uhuru’s legacy and his decision to endorse Raila for the country’s top job after his exit.

Mudavadi also defended the DP from constant attacks from the Head of State and his close allies.

“If people are worried that the young people are running fast, then they should realise that young people are tired of us going too slowly,” the ANC party leader said in apparent response to Uhuru.

His new support for DP Ruto went on and before he publicly declared his stand, Mudavadi was already in the DP’s political faction.

Ruto for President

This was the case even though Mudavadi’s spokesperson Kibisu Kabatesi argued that the latter formed Kenya Kwanza coalition and invited others to join.

“Mudavadi is a master of political formations and cannot be underrated for his political acumen. The party leader teamed up with Ruto because he wanted a platform for his economic agenda which could not be articulated in Azimio,” Kabatesi said.

It is interesting how Mudavadi ended up joining the DP and claims he (Ruto) is the best fit for the presidency despite all the shade. Wow!

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