August 9

Abduswamad vows to work with new Ruto administration

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 01:05 | By
Abdulswamad Nassir. PHOTO/Courtesy

Mombasa County governor-elect Abdulswamad Nassir has vowed to work with President-elect William Ruto in a quest to return port services to the coastal city. 

Nassir affirmed that as an elected leader, he will work with the national government to ensure Mombasa people get desired services from both the county and national government. 

Nassir said Mombasa as a city cannot work in isolation as the sole purpose is to better the lives of the people.

“The issue is that we work very closely with the executive, matters of returning port services back to Mombasa would be faster if it’s done with the support of the executive, matters of the special economic zones and industrial parks, they will work better,” said Nassir.

Ruto, during his campaigns pledged to revert all port operations to Mombasa should he be elected President. Ruto said during the campaigns the shifting of port operations to Naivasha led to unemployment of the people in the coastal region.

 “It does not mean that being in the opposition you will not work for the betterment of the people, my role right now is to ensure I better the people of Mombasa as a governor, however whatever it is has to be done has to be done,” said Nassir.

In his manifesto pledges, Nassir who beat UDA’s Hassan Omar to become the second governor of the Coastal county, said he will be expected to come up with a solution to Mombasa Port problems, which was a hot issue in the contest.

As part of his plan to revitalise Mombasa’s economy, Nassir promised to partner with residents to establish a well-functioning urban economy that attracts and retains local and foreign investments to increase employment.

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