August 9

Coast residents travel upcountry to vote

Monday, August 8th, 2022 01:26 | By
Kenyans boarding a bus. PHOTO/Courtesy
Kenyans boarding a bus. PHOTO/Courtesy

Scores of Kenyans were yesterday making last-minute bookings to travel and participate in the General Election in various parts of the country.

Others trooped to shopping malls to restock food supplies in anticipation of shortages due to disruptions that may emerge during and after the elections.

Those travelling complained of hiked fares. Parts of Mombasa city looked deserted for the better part of yesterday while bus stops and shopping malls attracted huge crowds with people travelling and doing shopping.

At the Kongowea market, it was a beehive of activity as residents restocked their food items. Some of them claimed they feared that shopping may be disrupted by the outcome of elections.

One of the travelers at the Mwembe Tayari bus terminus, William Mbuya, said he was travelling to Western to take part in the voting.

 “Last week, I came to Mombasa for a few business deals but I am now on my way back to ensure my vote is not wasted,” Mbuya said. He complained that bus fares have doubled and many travelers are feeling the pinch due to hard economic times they are enduring.

“The fare has sharply increased from the actual price. I have no other choice but to travel back home because by all means I must vote,” he added.

The high transport charges and vehicle shortage could be one of the major reasons why some people want to get to their home counties early.

Ahmed Sheikh, a rider employed by Crucible Logistics serving Mombasa Old Town, the Island and Malindi noted that work has more been affected by the travels upcountry, noting that the elections and the school closure earlier in the week has by affected their operation.

“It has been difficult for us. Coming from the Corona pandemic and other disruptions, we have not had the best in recent times. Prices remain low,” Ahmed said.

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