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Why nominated MP David Sankok won’t be on ballot in August

Monday, July 4th, 2022 16:54 | By
Nominated MP David Sankok accompanied Kenya Kwanza team on a campaign trail to Narok. PHOTO/Facebook
Nominated MP David Sankok accompanied Kenya Kwanza team on a campaign trail to Narok. PHOTO/David Sankok/Facebook

Nominated Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok has disclosed that he is not seeking any elective seat in the August polls.

Speaking to a local radio station on Monday, July 4, 2022, the legislator said he had shelved his political ambitions to concentrate on private business.

“The issue of contesting is a personal decision. I decided this time round not to seek any elective position. I need to focus on my businesses because I started engaging in the advocacy of people with disabilities at a very early age, so I never had space to develop myself and that is what it is,” Sankok said in an interview on Spice FM.

Sankok was nominated to the National Assembly by the ruling Jubilee party in 2017 to represent Persons Living with Disabilities.

The vocal ally of Deputy President William Ruto and member of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party hinted at quitting elective politics over two years ago.

The MP, known for his trademark green suits, said in 2019 that he was sick and tired of Kenya's 'handout culture', citing incidences where Kenyans pester politicians with money requests.

“Politics in Kenya is very hard,” he said.

“It is a very dirty game where everyone thinks you are their property. There are so many state officers but it's only politicians who are pestered with incessant demands for handouts.”

He urged the electorate to consider politicians like any other employees who rely on their salaries to meet their needs

“It’s very hard to give out something you have really worked hard for. Personally, I’m not used to giving out free things. As a disabled person, I have struggled," he added.

"You can’t just dish out money freely. For instance, I’m in charge of 6.5 million disabled people, even if I would give each one bob it would still not be enough as I still have other development projects to look into such as roads, schools."

The MP said he regretted joining politics.

“I was very comfortable before I became an MP. I won’t go for another term because in Kenya politics is just too tasking as everyone feels you owe them something because they elected you,” he stated.

Sankok lost his son

The lawmaker returned to Ruto's presidential campaign trail in mid-June after a long break occasioned by the death of his son, Hillary Memusi.

Memusi was laid to rest in Ewaso Ng'iro, Narok South on Saturday, May, 14.

The 16-year-old, who died of suicide, was a student at Kericho High school at the time of his death. 

Multiple autopsies conducted on his body revealed that the teenager died of a single bullet through his chin and exited at the top of his head.

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