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George Natembeya dismisses tribalism allegations

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022 12:05 | By
Former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya PHOTO/Emmanuel Tarus
Former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya PHOTO/Emmanuel Tarus

The former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has dismissed allegations that he is a tribal leader.

Speaking at a political rally in Trans Nzoia, Natembeya said he is not bothered by lectures from politicians who visit the county frequently to campaign for their preferred candidates.

“I want to tell my colleagues when we say Cherang’any constituency has more Luhyas, that is not tribalism. I am just stating a statement of fact. You can confirm that from the census report,” Natembeya said.

Natembeya said choosing to love his community should not be interpreted as hate for other communities residing in the cosmopolitan county.

“For me, my friends, you cannot intimidate me from telling the truth by accusing me of tribalism; I am not a tribal leader and will never practice tribalism,” Natembeya said.

Natembeya, who is eyeing to succeed Governor Patrick Khaemba, said Trans Nzoia county needs a truthful leader.

“A truthful leader will save this Trans Nzoia County. When I become the second Governor, I will balance all the communities in my government because Trans Nzoia County is a small Kenya,” he said.

The tough-talking administrator hit hard on political leaders who discriminate against other communities in their areas of jurisdiction.

“If you are elected in your constituencies, whether Saboti or Endebess, make sure you accommodate all the communities in those areas; you will be unfair and unfit to be in a leadership position if you favour people from your community when sharing opportunities,” Natembeya reiterated.

He alleged that politicians in Trans Nzoia are biased on how they share resources, opportunities and development projects.

“It is in bad taste to have the skewed distribution of resources and development projects. Some places where politicians come from have the best roads whereas others have very pathetic roads’ the roads are impassable,” he noted.

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