August 9

Governor Joho bids farewell to his staff

Saturday, August 27th, 2022 22:10 | By
PHOTO/Sophie Njoka

Outgoing Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has bid farewell to the Mombasa county government staff.

During the farewell held at the Treasury square in Mombasa, Joho thanked his staff and county workers for according him support and cooperation during his ten-year rule.

"As l reflect on my ten years as, your leader of this county am filled with the joy of all the great things that we have achieved together the journey required a lot of courage and resilience from all of us," Joho said.

"I have invited all of you here, to express my gratitude to say thank you for your support, and in ensuring that the spirit of devolution was felt within this county as county workers and Mombasa residents," he said.

Hassan Joho
PHOTO/Sophie Njoka

He further noted that he is leaving office with a lot of confidence and as a happy man, having accomplished several projects and brought change to Mombasa.

"Today am leaving the office a happy man you are all aware of where we found this county and where we are at today. It is normal to have challenges but let us not outlook the achievements we have made under my leadership," Joho said.

He at the same time, warned politicians to stop using his name to extend their political ambitions, saying that they should inform Mombasa residents of what they would bring to the table, without mentioning his name.

"Stop making me your agenda, tell the people of Mombasa what you will do for them when you get into this office this is to my critics ", he said.

Joho was elected governor in 2013 and re-elected in 2017.

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