August 9

Governors cautioned on Ruto media messages

Friday, September 9th, 2022 00:45 | By
President-elect William Ruto. PHOTO/William Ruto/Facebook
PresidentWilliam Ruto at a past event. PHOTO/William Ruto/Facebook

Governors were yesterday cautioned against using public money to pay for congratulatory messages to President-Elect William Ruto in the media.

Devolution Principal Secretary Julius Korir said Ruto had advised against this, insisting that counties wishing to send such messages should use social media.

Through a letter from the Ministry of Devolution to counties yesterday, Korir said the adverts are expensive and risk creating a financial burden on the devolved units.

“In light of the above, and also in line with advice from the President-elect, these congratulatory adverts are hereby discouraged with immediate effect,” said Korir.

Impact lives

He called on counties to cut wastage as the same resources can be used to provide essential services, in line with their priorities, and on projects that impact people’s lives.

“The new administration desires to give Kenyans value for money,” he added. According to him, since the Supreme Court upheld Ruto’s win, congratulatory messages have been streaming in from different global leaders, with governors also procuring advertisements in newspapers.

He termed the procurement as extravagant, directing that all counties immediately desist from procuring such advertisements.

“Public Financial Management is reinforced in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. Chapter 12 (201) (d) highlights that “public money shall be used prudently and responsibly”, the letter states.

Further, the Public Finance Management Act (No. 18 of 2012) advocates for effective management and expenditure of public funds by both levels of government,” said Korir  

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