August 9

I’m disappointed that Wajackoyah didn’t show up – Mwaure

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 19:34 | By
David Mwaure
David Mwaure during the Presidential Debate. PHOTO/ Courtesy

Agano Party Presidential candidate David Mwaure has expressed his disappointment following a move by his competitor Prof George Wajackoyah to skip the Presidential Debate.

Speaking to the media after the debate, Mwaure said that all leaders should allow themselves to be interrogated.

"I am very disappointed and doubly disappointed... I actually saw him drive in and I can't understand why he should come all the way here to say he will not participate. As leaders, we must allow ourselves to be interrogated. I feel a sense of freedom, I feel like I can fly because I have spoken to Kenyans. They have had an occasion to ask me questions. It is important Kenyans you ask yourself, who can you depend on. Is every policy being proposed a policy that can work? Why don't we interrogate it in a place like this? I'm disappointed," Mwaure said.

"It is important that Kenyans come out as they are before Kenyans and they say why they are in this race. Let's stop giving promises out there. But let's also when we come here explain the past and what we'll do in the future. And if you've been in government why we are where we are," he added.

Mwaure's promise

Speaking during the debate, Mwaure promised that he would fight corruption and recover Kenya's stolen wealth if he becomes President.

"This is my sixth stab at an election. It is not my first time speaking against corruption. As I stand here, I know that nobody can accuse me of having been involved in any scandal. We need to know how much money went into the SGR and KEMSA and also the people behind the scandals. DP Ruto & Raila Odinga know who they are, how can they fight corruption?" he posed.

"Kenyans' wealth is being used to develop other nations and this is immoral. No foreign nation holding our money will be left out of this campaign to bring our money back," he added.

Mwaure also promised to 'rethink' the competency-based curriculum (CBC), with the aim of improving it but not scrapping it altogether.

"I would rethink CBC with a view of improving it. I've met parents who say CBC is too expensive and demanding. Kenyans don't have money now and we can't continue like this," Mwaure said.

He also promised to introduce subsidies into food products, reduce PAYE by 50 percent and also waiver tax penalties.

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