August 9

Tungoje matokeo ya Supreme Court – Karua asks Ruto to stop chest-thumping

Friday, August 19th, 2022 22:24 | By
I'm considering petitioning Ruto's win at East African Court of Justice - Martha Karua
Martha Karua at a past campaign rally. PHOTO/(Martha Karua)Twitter.

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya running mate Martha Karua has maintained that the coalition will seek legal redress over the just concluded elections where William Ruto was declared the winner.

Karua noted that the outgoing DP will not be sworn in until the Supreme court concludes Azimio's petition.

While reassuring their supporters that the coalition would accept the Supreme Court's outcome, the Narc Kenya party leader urged Azimio supporters to maintain peace as they sought justice.

"As Azimio, once we take our legal challenge to court, whatever the outcome, that is the end of the journey. That's the way our Constitution is. It may not be perfect, but we promise to abide,

"We always abide by the rule of law. Even when we disagree with a ruling, we either take the next steps or, if it's the final, we accept it. For those who do not understand the law, relax, stop chest-thumping, yet the final decision has not been declared," she added.

She further took a swipe at Ruto for 'illegally welcoming defections from Azimio to Kenya Kwanza, adding that the President-elect was disregarding the Constitution.

"There is the Political Parties Act under which coalitions are built, which clearly stipulates that there is a process for anybody leaving a coalition. For the DP to start wooing people and enticing them to leave a coalition without the requisite legal provision is either a display of impunity or gross ignorance of the laws of the land," she stated

"Starting to woo members of the Azimio coalition and announcing they have defected to his side, is it that he has not read the Political Parties Act, or he regards the law as nothing?"

Karua was speaking during a funeral in Kiandieri village, Kirinyaga county, on Friday, August 19, 2022.

The coalition's legal team stated that they have sufficient evidence to prove that the elections were rigged.

"We have sufficient evidence of massive rigging in the presidential election, and we shall prove that in court," Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru stated.

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