August 9

MP Kanini Kega claims Rigathi Gachagua frustrating his re-election bid

Monday, July 11th, 2022 17:15 | By
Kieni MP Kanini Kega accuses Rigathi Gachagua of plotting his downfall
Kieni MP Kanini Kega. PHOTO/Loise Wambugu

Kieni Member of Parliament Kanini Kega has told off Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua over an alleged plot to block his re-election bid.

Kega claims the Mathira MP is trying to interfere with Kieni politics to ensure that he (Kega) is 'not on the ballot' in the polls slated for August 9, 2022.

According to the Jubilee party legislator, Gachagua is on record vowing that he will do everything to deny him a third term in parliament.

"We have heard you Rigathi, you have said that I will not be the MP for Kieni as long as you are in politics, I want to assure you and to tell you categorically that you have no vote in Kieni," Kega said.

"No matter how much you are trying to use other forces to come and frustrate me in Kieni, you are not going to influence how the Kieni people are going to vote."

Kanini claims that his opponents are targeting his supporters after allegedly failing to stop his political wave.

He alleges that his political enemies are behind the recent arrest of his personal assistant Dickson Ndirangu last Friday over allegations of causing grievous bodily harm to a supporter from a rival camp.

"They have failed to get me as their target and now they have turned to my supporters, on Friday my PA was arrested in a huff and within 30 minutes of his arrest, a charge sheet had been prepared and arraigned in court," Kega added.

He also said that later in the day two of his supporters were arrested in Narumoru and were only released after his intervention.

Kanini Kega decries supporters' arrests

Kega has vowed to sue the Director of Public Prosecutions over alleged illegal detentions of his supporters.

He has also threatened to write a protest letter to the judiciary against the presiding magistrate who he claims has been compromised.

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