August 9

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor joins race to unseat Waiguru

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 17:45 | By
Governors Anne Waiguru her deputy Peter Ndambiri are set to compete for governor seat in the August elections. Photo/PD/SAMUEL KARIUKI

Kirinyaga County Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri has joined the race to unseat his boss, Governor Anne Waiguru, in the August election.

Ndambiri is expected to run for the governor's seat under the Jubilee ticket. The DG will however have to battle it out with Senator Charles Kibiru who is also eyeing the same seat under the ruling party.

The two will be seeking to unseat Governor Waiguru who will be defending her seat on a UDA party ticket.

Ndambiri has now called on the Jubilee party to conduct a free, fair and transparent nomination as it seeks to find the best candidate to fly its flag in the elections.

"We do not want to see favouritism during the party primaries. The nominations should be free and fair," Ndambiri said in a meeting with Jubilee Party officials in Ndia.

He also advocated for a negotiated democracy which will see those who lose in the party primaries appointed in various government positions.

"Those who will lose in the primaries should be considered for appointment in various government positions," he said.

The Jubilee party, led by its Kirinyaga County Chairman Muriithi Kang'ara, has assured all Jubilee Party aspirants of free and verifiable party primaries.

"I want to assure the Deputy Governor (Ndambiri) the nomination for Jubilee party across the country will be fair. We will be neutral during the whole process," Muriithi said.

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