August 9

Kisumu: Ruth Odinga flees after chaos erupt during ODM nominations

Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 16:23 | By
A police officers fires in the air to scare away protesting voters PHOTO/Viola Kosome

Chaos erupted at Urudi Primary School forcing former Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga who was at the polling station to flee.

The fracas started after a section of voters accused one of the agents of carrying out parallel voting.

Police officers lobbed tear gas canisters and fired numerous gunshots in the air to disperse the hundreds of voters who turned up for the exercise.

Trouble started when the said person was asked to move out of the room but he attempted to protest and was whisked out.

Residents scamper for safety after police officers lobbed teargas canisters to disperse groups of protesting youths

He tried to explain himself to the members of the public who wanted to know why he was doing so before police lobbed teagars.

Some residents who were forced to flee the place told People Daily Digital that they would not leave until they cast their votes

"It is very unfortunate that the police had to disperse us using teagars canister but even with that, we will not leave the place until we vote," a resident said.

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