August 9

Lusaka blasts Wangamati for failing to fulfill 2017 campaign promises

Sunday, July 17th, 2022 17:53 | By

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati should be voted out for failing to deliver his pre-election pledges, Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka has said.

Lusaka said the county chief doesn't deserve a second time, noting that he has not kept a single promise he made to the county residents during the run-up to the last polls.

"He has not delivered the development projects that he promised in his first term. What miracle should the county residents expect from him in his second and last time," the Senate speaker posed.

Bungoma Governor Wangamati PHOTO/Courtesy

Lusaka's case against Wangamati

The Kenya Kwanza politician who spoke at Bunambo area in Ndalu Tabani Ward in Tongaren Constituency during a public engagement listed some of the projects the current administration promised to start but has failed.

They include the Misikhu-Naitiri-Brigadier Road tarmacking project, which cuts across the agriculture-rich Constituency that is now stalled.

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka. PD/file
Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka. PD/file

" He told you, people, that he will prioritize completion of Misikhu-Naitiri-Brigadier by the end of his term. Why hasn't he done it?" he asked.

The Senate Speaker was the first governor of Bungoma County.

He was ousted by Wangamati in 2017 but is now seeking to reclaim his former seat.

Wangamati is running on a DAP-K ticket, a party that is affiliated with the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance.

Lusaka on the other hand is a Ford Kenya flag-bearer in the gubernatorial polls. The party is part of the Kenya Kwanza Kwanza Alliance.

The Speaker also wondered why his main rival had not completed the Glucose factory in Bokoli and the Industrial park project he had promised in Webuye town.

" Where are the factories that he promised? This is not a man to be trusted with a second term," Lusaka said.

Lusaka further accused Wangamati of riding on World Bank projects that he initiated during his tenure.

"All these World Bank projects they brag about were negotiated and signed during my tenure," he added.

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