August 9

Mudavadi: Biometric voter identification superior to manual

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022 08:30 | By

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has said the Kiems kits are more credible and faster in identifying voters compared to the manual register.

Mudavadi was speaking after casting his vote at Mululu Primary Polling station in Sabatia sub-county in Vihiga.

Mudavadi said the manual register that was being pushed by their opponents could have slowed the voting process.

On Monday, the court of appeal suspended the use of manual registers in identifying voters after UDA appealed an earlier ruling by the High Court. IEBC was directed to use a manual register as a backup in the event of Kiems failure.

“The Kiems kit made it easier for me, I can imagine how it could have slowed down the process as I struggled to look for my name on the register if it was a manual one,” said Mudavadi (pictured).

Elsewhere, Catholic Bishop of Kakamega Diocese Rev Joseph Obanyi Sagwe has asked winners in this year to embrace handshakes with their competitors.

 Obanyi asked losers to accept election results as the choice of the people so that the country may continue to experience peace and tranquillity.

Speaking today at Mukumu Girls Boarding Primary school after casting his vote, Obanyi commended Kenyans for exercising maturity and asked losers to accept defeat and allow those elected to focus on serving Kenyans.

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