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Mwangaza husband’s melodies hoisted her to gubernatorial win

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Meru governor-elect Kawira Mwangaza and husband Murega Baichu (right) after she received her certificate following her success at the Meru Governor race. PD/DORCAS MBATIA
Meru governor-elect Kawira Mwangaza and husband Murega Baichu (right) after she received her certificate following her success at the Meru Governor race. PD/DORCAS MBATIA

Meru governor-elect Kawira Mwangaza has attributed fifty per cent of her win to a “ magical guitar” played by her musician husband in campaign rallies.

 Speaking at her home, the Woman Representative, who defeated seasoned politician Kiraitu Murungi said her husband Murega Baichu’s guitar playing skills greatly contributed to her win.

 “My husband’s guitar is magical and amazing. He always carried it and played it to the people in every rally and meetings I  held. People loved to watch and listen to his music he played praising me and the people of Meru.  I can say 50 per cent of my win was contributed by the instrument,” added  Kawira.

 The 48-year- old politician who won as an independent,  claimed that the instrument played a major role during their dating days.

 In an interview with Mediamax digital her supportive and talented Musician husband said since he had nothing to offer to his wife he decided to provide the guitar and sing for her in the rallies to entertain the crowd and soothe her mind.

 “ Since I am unemployed and I have no money to offer to my wife to support her campaign, I offered my only instrument that has greatly helped her because through singing I could pass good leadership qualities of my wife,“ said Murega.

Exhausted wife

 He further added he played the same guitar to soothe his exhausted wife after gruelling campaigns.

 “It was not easy sometimes she could attend more than ten meeting and come home very tired but whenever I played the guitar she could get so happy and excited and that how I could manage her tired mind and she could sleep happily,” said Baichu.

 Saying the music instrument is like a  blessing to them, he used the same tool to help her win the Women Rep seat in 2017 trouncing prominent lawyer Florence Kajuju then incumbent. 

 “ This instrument is a blessing to this family and a gift from God I have been able to pull large crowd through the skills even through the program dubbed’ Okelea’ aired on Baite TV owned by the family honestly people follow and listen to message passed through my songs ,” he added.

 At the same time he said he met his wife in a concert that he was performing without knowing the now governor of Meru had fallen in love with his skills of playing the guitar.

 “My wife fell in love with my skills of playing the guitar she could go crazy whenever I played it and that how we met and later we got married in 2018,” he added.

 Kawira garnered 209,148  against senator Mithika Linturi who came second with 183,858 with Kiraitu emerging third  110,814 votes.

 “We saved a lot of money with our guitar since my opponents had all the machinery for entertainment of all nature they could also hire expensive musicians to entertain the people but I did not hire any musician because the guitar was enough for us ,” she said.

The first Meru woman governor said she will sack all corrupt employees after an audit.

 “I will also clean the mess in the past previous regime I am not going to sack any employee who is clean so they should remain calm but if anybody is found to have misappropriated any fund, that one must go home because I want a team that can deliver to the people and not pocket public funds,” she added.

 “I have forgiven Kiraitu you all know he publicly called me useless, ruthless, village woman and all sort of nasty names but I have forgiven him and I am also asking him to forgive me if I ever wronged him,” she said.

Mwangaza made her first stab at politics in 2012 when she vied as Buuri MP but lost to Boniface Gatobu. She vied for the Woman representative seat in 2017.

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