August 9

Stop reminding me I had a promise, my promise was not to throw people into trenches – Uhuru

Sunday, August 7th, 2022 13:04 | By
President Uhuru Kenyatta. PHOTO/PSCU
Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta. PHOTO/PSCU

While the two leading presidential candidates; Raila Odinga and William Ruto made their final plea to Kenyans in mega rallies in and around Nairobi county yesterday, President Uhuru Kenyatta made a visit to the Mt Kenya region to inspect ongoing state projects.

Uhuru's crucial and strategic final submission in the Mountain ahead of Tuesday's polls also focused on drumming up support for Raila and Martha Karua.

Speaking to locals in Othaya constituency during ">the official commissioning of the Mwai Kibaki hospital, Uhuru asked the people to support Raila Odinga's quest for the presidency.

Uhuru exuded confidence in Raila and Martha's combination saying the country is in safer hands with the duo as opposed to his deputy's team.

"Stop reminding me I had a promise, my promise was not to throw people into a trench (mtaro). My promise was to develop the country. The deal is Martha and Raila. Believe it or not but that’s the deal," Uhuru remarked.

The president also asked residents to protect peace in the nation and ensure the country does not bleed again.

"I'm appealing to all of you to stand behind Raila and Martha for the sake of peace in our country. Mwai Kibaki is feted for maintaining peace in the nation and we should honour that.

"I'm also calling on you to shun any violence ahead of the polls and ensure the other opponents who were transversing the nation hurling insults at me are silenced," he added.

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