August 9

Natembeya issues two executive orders after swearing-in

Thursday, August 25th, 2022 15:58 | By
George Natembeya when he was sworn in as the new Governor of Trans Nzoia County. PHOTO/Natembeya/Twitter

Newly inaugurated Governor of Trans Nzoia County George Natembeya has issued two executive orders meant to improve service delivery in the devolved government.

Speaking at Kitale ASK Showground after taking the oath of office, Natembeya through his first executive order sent a warning to Trans Nzoia County enforcement officers that his administration will not spare any officer who will be found culpable of harassing business people.

“From this stage, I am issuing my first executive order. I am a man of orders, from today, I don’t want to hear any of my enforcement officers harassing our small business people.

"From today henceforth, our enforcement officers will serve as public relations officers. When a woman from a village is lost, it is their responsibility to help them. No more rungus in Trans Nzoia,” Natembeya ordered.

The second governor, who was elected on a Democratic Action Party of Kenya DAP-K, issued a second order to all the employees of his government demanding effectiveness and efficiency from them.

“To all our employees, you should remember that you were employed to serve the people of Trans Nzoia and that serving in government is not a must. If you feel it is hard to serve, park your things and go home,” Natembeya said.

The former provincial administrator-turned politician promised the people of the cosmopolitan county a different taste of leadership.

“I said if I become the second governor of Trans Nzoia, things will take an about turn where people will come first then we the leaders follow. Effective today, our first priority is to serve the common people,” he added.

Natembeya promises inclusive government

George Natembeya signed the oath of office documents. PHOTO/Natembeya/Twitter

He further promised to form an all-inclusive government where people from all the ethnic communities living in Trans Nzoia will be accommodated.

“I will be the governor for both those who voted for me and even those who did not vote for me because even them do not have any other governor. I will accommodate all communities in my administration,” he promised.

He asked all the elected leaders to shun the politics of political parties and focus on serving the electorate.

“I was elected through DAP-K but now I am blind to existing political affiliations,” Natembeya said.

In his 18-minute speech, Natembeya pledged to make Trans Nzoia a model county where other county bosses will be visiting for benchmarking.

Busia High Court presiding judge Justice Joseph Karanja together with Kitale law courts presiding judge Julius Ng’arng’ar administered Natembeya’s oath of office.

His deputy Philomena Beneah Kapkory also took her oath of office and thanked the people of Trans Nzoia for voting for them overwhelmingly.

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