August 9

Our system has not been hacked – IEBC clarifies

Friday, August 12th, 2022 17:44 | By
IEBC CEO Hussein Marjan
IEBC CEO Marjan Hussein before the Public Accounts Committee. Photo/PD/Samuel Kariuki

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has clarified that its systems have not been hacked.

Speaking during a media address at the Bomas of Kenya, the commission's CEO Hussein Marjan assured Kenyans that the systems were intact and secure.

"There is disinformation going round that the commission's systems have been compromised and that even the results portal that we are hosting has also been compromised,

"We would like to assure the country that nothing like that has happened, of course, we anticipated that there are people that will try to hack our systems and we put mechanisms in place to ensure our systems have been secured, we are monitoring our systems all levels at the network level, at the application level, and even at operating system level nothing like that has happened," he stated

While reiterating that the systems were safeguarded, the CEO further assured Kenyans that the mechanisms put in place have maintained the functionality of the systems.

"I don't think there is any time that our portal was down for even a second. This is because of the mechanism put in place," he added.

"We assure the whole country that our systems are secure. If there is any doubt please talk to us don't send misinformation outside here," he said.

The commission's statement comes after a section of Kenyans and politicians decried that the commission's systems had been compromised in a plot to favour certain candidates.

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