August 9

Over 30 inmates in Migori county get freedom to vote on Tuesday

Friday, August 5th, 2022 06:00 | By
Prisoners under lock and key. Photo/PD/FILE
Prisoners. Photo/PD/FILE

A total of 34 inmates in Migori county will exercise their democratic rights by voting in the upcoming election slated for August 9.

The county’s election manager and returning officer, Ben Moseti, yesterday said the inmates from Migori and Kendege prisons will vote at their respective prisons. He added that the polls agency has placed the names of voters for all the 1,070 polling stations at the county’s eight constituencies.

Some  2,034 officers will cover the electoral process across the county for the 469,053 registered voters.

Moseti said a speed boat would be on standby to serve Migingo island and parts of Nyatike constituency in case of internet connectivity issues.

The county has eight tallying centres and one computing base at Migori Teacher’s Training College.          

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