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Nairobi losing Ksh160M every day – Polycarp Igathe

Monday, July 11th, 2022 21:43 | By
Polycarp Igathe. PHOTO/Courtesy
Polycarp Igathe. PHOTO/Polycarp Igathe/Facebook

Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Polycarp Igathe has alleged that Nairobi City County loses over Ksh160 million of the total revenue collected daily.

Speaking during the Nairobi gubernatorial debate, Igathe said that Nairobi collects at least Ksh200 million as revenue, with only Ksh40 million getting into the county accounts.

Igathe pointer out 'cartels' as the main reason the county is losing a lot of revenue, as well as corruption entrenched in the county.

"Nairobi collects way above Ksh200 million every day. But what ends up in the Nairobi coffers is around and about Ksh40 million a day. We will use technology to seal the leakages. We can generate at least Ksh80 billion own revenue in Nairobi," Igthe said.

City Hall has been losing local revenue since 2014 as local revenue streams have underperformed over the years, missing targets by big margins.

This decline has led to a budget financing shortfall, hence, the frequent cash flow challenges and accumulation of pending bills.

On his side, Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja boasted of helping the county get Ksh3 billion more on the national allocation of county revenue.

"I’m proud that I secured Ksh.3.3B for Nairobi people because urban poverty bites harder than rural poverty, if you have nothing in this city, you have nothing to eat and a nowhere to sleep," Sakaja said.

Igathe fallout with Sonko

Igathe defended himself against his resignation six months into his election as the deputy governor alongside Mike Sonko who was the governor.

"I did not quit on the citizens of Nairobi. I fell on my sword and failed to earn the trust of those I was with. But I have come back to run the race and win so that I can serve the people and build a better City," said Igathe.

Igathe is seeking to take over as the Nairobi governor alongside Prof Philip Kaloki as his deputy under the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Alliance ticket.

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