August 9

Agano Party’s Mwaure to lower Unga price to Sh100 if he wins

Thursday, June 30th, 2022 23:10 | By
Mwaure vows to seize stolen public assets

Agano Party presidential aspirant David Mwaure said he would lower the price of unga to Sh100 if elected as president.

Mwaure, who is set to launch his manifesto on Monday, said Kenyans would be able to purchase maize flour at affordable prices.

“My manifesto will be radical and unique. I shall propose to return the unga subsidy and the price will be below Sh100,” he said.

 His promise came as Kenyans continue to grapple with the high cost of living that has so far seen the cost of unga rise to Sh200 for a 2-kg packet. Mwaure, at the same time, promised to waive all tax penalties accrued by Kenyans from the date he would be sworn in. This would give Kenyans a new start, he pledged.

“I shall be proposing to give a reduction on Pay As You Earn (Paye) for every employee from the date I am sworn in,” he vowed.

With corruption still a thorn in the flesh of the country, Mwaure promised to return the more than Sh20 trillion which he alleged has been illegally obtained from Kenya and is stashed abroad.  He said his administration would constitute a Truth and Recovery Commission to assist in the recovery of corruptly-obtained funds.  “I want to be remembered as the President who will slay the dragon of corruption, wastage, misadministration, bureaucracy and make Kenya the top country”, he said.

 Mwaure also petitioned the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to deploy psychiatrists to assess the mental state of Roots Party candidate George Wajackoyah.

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