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Azimio will build on Uhuru legacy if it wins, says Karua

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 05:20 | By
Azimio-One Kenya presidential running mate Martha Karua speaks to journalists from Kikuyu radio stations, yesterday. COURTESY

A Raila Odinga-led government will not interfere with the programmes started by the exiting Jubilee administration, the Azimio-One Kenya presidential running-mate Martha Karua says.

The Azimio Deputy President candidate said her administration with the Orange Democratic Movement leader would not renege on the projects initiated by the current government but would, instead, strive to complete them.

“We will complete all the projects started by the current administration, especially roads,” Karua said.

Speaking during an interview with all Kikuyu radio stations, Karua said the Azimio government will renegotiate with lenders on how to repay existing loans.

“You don’t expect us to stop repaying the loans, the best workable solution will be to extend the repayment period,” Karua said.

She also dismissed plans by the Kenya Kwanza Alliance to scrap the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), terming it retrogressive and not helpful to the country’s education sector.

“What we need to do is to improve the system; not scrap it. Those opposed to it are just politicising an otherwise good plan,” she said.

Respect for president

The Narc Kenya party leader hit at Deputy President William Ruto for not according to President Uhuru Kenyatta due respect during his term in office where he acted as a “co-president”.

“Our Constitution does not provide for a co-president, the Head of State is supreme and must be accorded his respect, not what we have witnessed under this regime,” she said.

Karua said if elected, she would accord Raila reverence and offer the support he requires and in case of a misunderstanding between them, she would handle it privately without going public.

She assured religious organisations that an Azimio-One Kenya government would respect and uphold the freedom of worship as enshrined in the Constitution.

She maintained their administration would be founded on the rule of law. The Narc Kenya leader, indirectly, took a dig at Ruto for criticizing the Azimio Coalition as one led by people who don’t value religion.

“Even Jesus said that not all who call him Jesus will enter heaven. Being a Christian is not portrayed by carrying two bibles while going to church or quoting Bible verses, rather it’s portrayed by having good behaviour,” Karua charged.

At the same time, Karua promised the Azimio government would prioritise policies meant to curb the graft. “Corruption hinders development, education, health and all other sectors. We have fought this war before and with the right captains in office, it shall be won,” she said.

She said the Sh6,000 promised to vulnerable families is achievable if wastage in government is stopped.

“The money projected to support the vulnerable families is Sh150 billion annually and considering that we lose over Sh300 billion in corruption, this can be achieved if we stop the cartels,” Karua explained.

Fighting corruption

She added; “When you get to your office as a government employee and leave to go do other businesses yet you receive a salary at the end of the month that is corruption.”

The former Gichugu MP also promised to support Raila deliver the Azimio agenda despite past differences including his failed push to amend the Constitution through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

“I was a minister in Kibaki’s government before resigning. I delivered in the job I was given. When I resigned I did so respectfully. I respect my captain Raila and I will never disrespect him or Kenyans. I am ready to work for Kenyans, I pray that God guides me.

“Raila and I had disagreements on the change of the Constitution. While he (Raila) was in the team spearheading the change of constitution through the BBI and I was against the move through the Linda Katiba team but that was solved by the court. If there shall be a need for our constitution to be amended, we shall involve all Kenyans through public participation as directed by the court,” Karua added.

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