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Kenya Kwanza to review all State contracts if it wins poll

Thursday, June 30th, 2022 22:52 | By
Guests at the Kenya Kwanza manifesto launch at the Kasarani Gymnasium yesterday. PD/John Ochieng
Guests at the Kenya Kwanza manifesto launch at the Kasarani Gymnasium yesterday. PD/John Ochieng

Kenya Kwanza Alliance has pledged to scrutinise all contracts entered into by the government over the last 10 years with a view to establishing their viability.

The alliance has also committed to reviewing the country’s treaty obligations that are against the Constitution, national interest and foreign policy.

“All contracts entered into by Kenya over the last 10 years against constitutional values, prudential financial principles and national interest and propose means of protecting the public interest will be relooked,” the alliance says in its manifesto launched on Thursday evening at Kasarani Gymnasium in Nairobi.

The alliance has also pledged to complete and consolidate the implementation of the Constitution, by strengthening constitutionalism and entrenching the rule of law. “Access to justice will be improved while respect for human rights will be enhanced,” the document reads.

Further, the alliance commits to complete the full implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 16, on peace, justice and strong institutions.

Judicial audit

To achieve this, the alliance says it will strengthen and professionalise the Office of the Attorney General to end the AG’s inability to defend public interest and constitutional values before the courts, in legislative development and during treaty and contract negotiations, among others.

The alliance, which is led by Deputy President William Ruto, says that it will conduct an audit within its first three months of the government’s judicial liabilities and shortcomings.

It aims to address all cases that challenge the constitutionality of parliamentary enactments or Executive action and recommend means for their prosecution by the AG, all judgments and decrees against the Kenya government and develop a framework for ensuring the government sustainably complies with judicial decisions.

A Kenya Kwanza government would also strengthen the capacity of the State Law Office at national and county levels in contract negotiation and implementation to minimise the exposure of the government to unnecessary litigation and punitive costs.

“The alliance will strengthen police oversight (IPOA and NPSC) and appoint an Ombudsman to focus on human rights violations of youth, in particular with abuses of urban youth and police misconduct,” states the alliance in the document.

All judges nominated by JSC for appointment to the Court of Appeal will be appointed within seven days and progressively strengthen internal judicial accountability systems.

Prison reforms

The Ruto-led administration will operationalise the Public Benefits Organisations Act and expand space for government-NGO partnerships and collaborations while maintaining their independence.

“The Kenya Kwanza administration will decriminalise poverty by fully implementing and funding the Legal Aid Act of 2016 and the Alternative Justice Systems Policy, promoting the Diversion Policy, and reviewing Sentencing Guidelines for petty offences, ensuring the equal protection of the law for mama mboga, boda boda and all poor people in conflict with the law,” reads the document.

The alliance affirms that it will enhance the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisons, by providing greater psycho-social support and educational and technical training opportunities.

Kenya Kwanza promises to legislate an Affirmative Action Framework to implement Article 56 of the Constitution regarding minorities and marginalised groups.

It also intends to institutionalise human rights approaches to counter-terrorism, including strengthening the Special CT Courts to ensure speedy and fair trials.

A Kenya Kwanza government would end all forms of extra-judicial killings and establish the Coroner General’s Office as per the National Coroner’s Service Act of 2017.

Further, all evictions and demolitions of property, which do not conform with due process and adequate notice and compensation where required, would not be allowed.

A Special Tribunal for Gross Human Rights Violations and Enforced Disappearances (including by police and military actors in northern Kenya) will be established and the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances would be ratified and domesticated.

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