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Security officers to have ‘loaded’ pockets, better welfare if Ruto succeeds

Thursday, June 30th, 2022 22:46 | By
Police on patrol in Nairobi streets. The Kenya Kwanza manifesto promises better times ahead. PD/file
Police on patrol in Nairobi streets. The Kenya Kwanza manifesto promises better times ahead. PD/file

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance yesterday expressed its commitment to reviewing the welfare of security officers by addressing their remuneration package, if it forms the next government.

 The alliance, which launched its manifesto yesterday, said the security sector has been ignored for a long despite many reforms in place

“Despite steps towards reform, many challenges still exist in effective implementation of reforms, as evident in continued cases of political interference; poor leadership and performance management; corruption; excessive use of force and torture; extrajudicial killings; and a lack of effective oversight and accountability,” reads the manifesto that was launched yesterday in Kasarani, Nairobi.

 Vital to development

In an event attended by all the principals, the alliance said it was alive to the fact that democratic policing and respect for the rule of law are vital to development.

To address the huge burden of costs when a security officer falls ill, the alliance promised to initiate a contributory benevolent fund for families of fallen and terminally sick officers, including mental health cases.

Housing has remained a big challenge for officers in the security sector. The alliance commits to initiating harmonisation of affordable housing mortgages (similar to those of the Judiciary and Parliament).

Horizontal transfer

In addition, the alliance said it would ensure there is a horizontal transfer of service to the rest of the civil service.

Lower cadre officers (sergeant and below), would be given the option of serving in their home counties from the age of 50 (or where they chose to retire).

The commitment by Kenya Kwanza comes at a time when there have been concerns about the welfare of personnel in the security sector.

The National Police Service Commission has identified mental health issues as an emerging challenge affecting officers in the service.

Early this year, NPS said that about 12,000 police officers were facing mental health challenges arising from work-related issues.

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