August 9

‘Msiache nifinywe’- Raila pleads with Nakuru voters

Thursday, July 28th, 2022 20:32 | By
Raila no show at the presidential debate like promised
Raila Odinga on the campaign trail. PHOTO/Raila/Facebook.

Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya party presidential aspirant Raila Odinga has pleaded with Nakuru county electorates not to vote for rival outfits on August 9.

Speaking in Njoro, Raila jested that should the voters pick their rivals, he would be subjected to what he jokingly termed as ‘Kufinywa makende’

He opined that if rivals take over leadership in the county, he will suffer oppression and therefore Nakuru voters should block such eventuality.

"Vote for baba na mama. Mkinipigia kura, msipeleke mimi na mama peke yake huko juu na hapa chini mnachagua adui zetu. Mkipigia adui zetu huku chini, watanifinya makende. Mnataka nifinywe? he piqued amid laughter from his supporters.

Today Raila was camping in the vote-rich county as campaigns enter the final leg.

He addressed his supporters at the Afraha Stadium ahead of his final rally in Ukambani tomorrow at Machakos.

From Machakos, the Azimio campaign will head to Suswa in Narok on Saturday for a final plea for votes from the Maa communities.

On Sunday, Azimio will be in Eldoret, Ruto’s hometown. On the same day they will also campaign in Kapsabet, Nandi county, considered a Ruto stronghold.

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