August 9

Raila wraps up Coast campaigns, invites Ruto for a showdown

Friday, August 5th, 2022 20:46 | By
Marth Karua addresses a rally at the Tononoka grounds in Mombasa PHOTO/Courtesy

Azimio la Umoja one Kenya presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga led his final rally of the Coast at Tononoka grounds on Friday, rallying his supporters to turn out to the last man in the next week’s polls to help him clinch the presidency.

Odinga described the August 9, election as crucial for the country’s future, saying a vote for Baba and Martha's ticket will slay the ghost of corruption.

“I want you to make a statement on August 9, because the donkey is now tired. Your vote for the Azimio ticket will ensure that the donkey offloads the burden. Your vote will be crucial as it will determine the future. I want to assure you that a vote for Azimio will slay the dragon of corruption,” he told a rally in Tononoka.

And as he wrapped up campaigns for the Coast region, Raila called on his Kenya Kwanza rival Deputy President William Ruto to brace for the real showdown in the ballot where Kenyans will make their ultimate decision next week on Tuesday.

“Now the campaign period is coming to a close, we have sold our agenda. Now I want to invite the man who is fond of insulting me to bring it on. On Tuesday, I will stand on one side and he will stand on the other side then will lock horns head on and see who is stronger,” Odinga said.

While insisting on six-piece in favour of ODM, the Azimio leader campaigned for ODM candidates in Mombasa saying for him to form a strong government, he will need a strong team of “foot soldiers.”

“If you elect a weak team, the opposition will frustrate my government,” he said: “I want you to elect, ODM MCA, ODM governor, ODM woman rep, ODM MP, ODM Senator and Azimio president.”

After the election, Odinga said he will show the world how to run an efficient, corruption-free administration.

His running mate Martha Karua said the country is currently staring at a delicate moment, saying it's only a vote for Azimio's ticket that will salvage the country from the den of corruption.

“You have a choice to elect between one team that thrives on justice and equality and another team that is inspired by corruption….The remedy to corruption is Baba and Martha. You have a chance to save the country’s future on Tuesday. Give us a chance to improve your healthcare and end corruption,” Karua said.

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