August 9

Ruto fires back at Uhuru, asks him to keep off his duel with Raila

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 19:23 | By
President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto. PHOTO/Courtesy

Deputy President William Ruto has fired back at President Uhuru Kenyatta after the Head of State subtly attacked him when he presided over this year's International Co-operative Day.

In his thinly-veiled attack, the President took a swipe at leaders he posits absconded their official duties and shifted their energies to campaigns and hoodwinking Kenyans with empty promises.

Uhuru challenged the said leaders to actualize their pledges since they are holders of offices that can offer the solutions they are proposing.

During a Kenya Kwanza rally in Tharaka Nithi, Ruto asked Uhuru to steer clear of his succession politics. The second-in-command beseeched his boss to reminisce how far they have come as political allies and how invested he was in his (Uhuru's) past quests for the presidency.

"When you needed a friend to stand with you, I stood with you. Raila never stood with you; Martha Karua never stood with you. I am not asking for you to support me. I am asking you to give me space so that I can deal with Raila."

DP Ruto and Governor Muthomi Njuki wave to UDA supporters during a rally in Tharaka Nithi PHOTO/William Ruto/Facebook

“I am asking my brother Uhuru Kenyatta, mimi sishindani na wewe my friend, mimi nashindanda na Raila, wewe simama kando. I want Uhuru Kenyatta to step aside, huyo Raila nitammalizia asubuhi na mapema," he added.

Ruto addresses reports on probing Uhuru

Ruto also took the platform to debunk reports that he would form a judicial team to investigate the actions and policies of the outgoing Jubilee administration.

His clarification came after a local daily, in its analysis of the presidential hopeful's manifesto, reported that he would establish a quasi-judicial public inquiry to investigate the extent of cronyism and state capture during the second half of Uhuru's 10year rule.

"We are the ones who voted for Uhuru Kenyatta. We voted for him na hakuna mtu atamfuata, hakuna mtu atamfanya chochote, tunamheshimu kama kiongozi ambaye anaenda kuretire," Ruto said.

"He is trying to correct me, but I'm telling my brother, you told me you wanted to work with the others. If they have failed, what are you blaming me for? When I stepped aside, the Big Four collapsed."

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