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Ruto’s hands are tied, blame Raila for high cost of unga – MP Kositany

Monday, June 27th, 2022 13:55 | By
Caleb Kositany addresses high cost of living
From left MPs Rigathi Gachagua (Mathira), Caleb Kositany (Soy) and Deputy President William Ruto. PHOTO/Caleb Kositany/Facebook

Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany now says Deputy President William Ruto is not responsible for the current economic crisis that has seen high commodity prices push the cost of living through the roof.

In an interview on Monday, June 27, 2022, the legislator said despite Ruto holding the second-highest office in the land, there is nothing he can do to alleviate the suffering of Kenyans living from hand to mouth.

According to the Ruto ally, the DP has been sidelined from the day-to-day functions of government by President Uhuru Kenyatta, rendering him 'useless' in the administration he helped form.

"DP Ruto is only in government just by paper but in terms of policy, he is not…The President doesn't take advice from his deputy anymore. He takes advice from Raila Odinga," Kositany said.

The MP claimed that the President has failed to convene a cabinet meeting to address the high cost of living especially the price of maize flour (unga) used to make ugali, a staple food in Kenya. He said what Kenyans need is the government to subsidise the prices.

The cost of maize flour rose to a historic high of over Ksh200 per 2Kg packet in the recent weeks causing an uproar among Kenyans.

Kositany insists the President is to blame for the economic 'mess' brought about by the Head of State's handshake with Raila, the country's long-serving opposition leader.

"The president has no time for his deputy. He more time for Raila Odinga. He has publicly stated in the past that his advisor is Raila Odinga," the MP added.

Ruto blames Raila for the high cost of living

Ruto, who has severally blamed Raila for interfering with Jubilee's Big 4 agenda, recently said the former prime minister should take the blame for the current high cost of living.

The DP, while campaigning against Raila, claimed the Azimio - One Kenya coalition presidential candidate has been misadvising the President.

“In 2018, the 2kg packet of maize flour cost Ksh75. It is now selling at Ksh250 and we are told that after I was elbowed out, [it] is the Azimio guy,” Ruto said while asking Kenyans to elect him president in the forthcoming August polls.

“It is his advice that has made the price of flour rise. Is this a person you can hire even to herd your goats? What if he gets the top job, will the price of flour get to Ksh500?”

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