August 9

Stop ‘buying’ Azimio allied legislators, Osotsi tells Ruto

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022 00:23 | By
Nakuru Ruto
President-elect William Ruto addressing the press at a past function. PHOTO/(@WilliamRuto)/Facebook.

Vihiga Senator-elect Godfrey Otsotsi has accused President-elect William Ruto of wooing MPs elected on parties affiliated to the Azimio coalition  to boost his numbers in Parliament.

Speaking in Bungoma County, Osotsi demanded that Ruto stops hosting delegations because his election had been disputed.

“The President-elect is not the president so he should stop acting like the president by receiving delegations in his office and also buying other small parties in order to weaken the opposition,” said Osotsi.

The senator told Ruto to hold his horses until the Supreme Court delivers its verdict on the petition filed yesterday.

He warned that those who had already crossed to Kenya Kwanza from Azimio risked losing their their seats in the two Houses.

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