August 9

I am not too old to lead- ex-Trans Nzoia senator Ole Ndiema tells critics

Friday, July 15th, 2022 16:04 | By
Trans Nzoia County former Senator Henry Ole Ndiema
Trans Nzoia County former Senator Henry Ole Ndiema. PHOTO/Emanuel Tarus

Former Trans Nzoia County Senator Henry Ole Ndiema has rubbished claims spread by his youthful opponents that he is too old to represent the people of Trans Nzoia in the Senate.

Speaking in Mukuyuni area in Kiminini Constituency, Ole Ndiema, who is hoping to make a comeback, said he has vast experience in public service and asked his opponents not to use his age as a campaign tool.

"I have heard my inexperienced opponents saying Ole Ndiema is too old to lead. I am telling them that is a fallacy because I am only 69. I am competent enough to do what a Senator is expected to do in the Senate," Ole Ndiema said.

Ole Ndiema, who flies the FORD Kenya ticket, said the Senate is a house of mature people with less drama.

"Senate is a house of honour; it is not a place of drama where leaders pour what on themselves, not a place where leaders fight one another, it is a place where sober debates and house businesses are deliberated. Therefore, I am mature enough to sit in that house," he noted.

The former provincial administrator's sentiments seemed to target United Democratic Alliance (UDA) 's candidate Allan Chesang'.

"If you see the majority of them, they don't know anything about public service because they have not even been elected to be cattle dip chairpersons. Will they be able to oversight the Governor?" Ole Ndiema questioned.

Ole Ndiema cautions upcoming leaders against undermining elders

The soft-spoken politician said upcoming leaders should stop undermining elders and asked them to seek counselling from them if they want to be good leaders.

"Kibaki became the third President of Kenya at 82, I am only 69, I have served as a provincial administrator, I have worked in the ministry of finance, and I have worked in the immigration department, I know all the beacons of Trans Nzoia County," he said.

Ole ndiema will battle out with Allan Chesang' (UDA). Musoke Muliro (ODM), Joshua Werunga (DAP-K), Hellen Yego (CCM), Martin Bulimo (ANC), Cheruto Morei (Independent), Jethrone Muchilwa (Independent), and Peter Chemuigut (Independent).

The incumbent Senator, Michael Mbito, is not defending his seat. He is contesting for Saboti Constituency parliamentary seat on a Jubilee party ticket.

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