August 9

UDA is the most popular party in Kenya – TIFA poll

Monday, July 11th, 2022 13:22 | By
UDA) party has been denied to use Nyayo Stadium ok August 6 for their last campaign rally ahead of the August 9 General election.
UDA headquarters. PHOTO/Courtesy

William Ruto-led United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is the most popular party in Kenya, new TIFA research results have shown.

UDA is leading with 33 per cent compared to Raila Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) which garnered 26 per cent in the popularity rating.

"Only UDA and ODM can claim a substantial level of nationwide support. Support for the two next most popular parties – Jubilee and Wiper - is quite concentrated in particular regions (Mt. Kenya and Lower Eastern, respectively), with the same applying to ANC, DAP-K, and FORD-Kenya," the research firm stated.

UDA is most popular in Centra Rift (56%), Mount Kenya (45%), and Northern Kenya (48%).

ODM on the other hand has a huge following in Coast (35%), Nyanza (57%), South Rift (31%), and Western (32%).

"The newest party to enter the scene, Roots, is equally popular in Central Rift and Mt. Kenya zones," TIFA said.

The firm added: "Further, while nearly all ODM supporters also support the Azimio coalition(98%), a smaller proportion of UDA supporters (87%) identify with Kenya Kwanza, this perhaps being a reflection of the fact that this coalition has far fewer member parties (11 vs. 26 within Azimio), so that the very notion of a coalition is less relevant for some UDA supporters."

The poll further stated that Raila Odinga would win the election by 42 per cent compared to William Ruto's 39 per cent if election was held today.

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