August 9

UDA pr*maries: Missing names from party register blamed for low voter turnout in Nyeri

Saturday, April 16th, 2022 02:35 | By
Tetu MP casting his vote at Kiawaithanji Primary School in Tetu. PHOTO/Loise Wambugu

UDA party nominations in Nyeri have been marked with a low voter turnout in different areas, with many voters lamenting over missing names in the voter register.

In Tetu constituency, for instance, many voters were turned away after their names were not found in the voter's list.

"I came here to exercise my duty to vote for my preferred candidate only to find my name missing from the list. Several others have also been turned away," a voter said.

Area Member of Parliament Gichuhi Mwangi also lamented over the missing names, claiming that the register that was used in 2017 had 1192 but the one that is being used at the moment only has 650 members.

Mwangi said that he has since launched a complaint about the matter with the party officials who have promised to address the issue.

"The 2017 list had 1192 voters but the current one has 650 voters. I see this as a move to deny me votes since this is my stronghold," Gichuhi said

There have also been complaints about insecurity in the region with residents claiming that security officers have declined to man various polling stations.

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