August 9

UDA pr*maries suspended in parts of Cherang’any due to lack of ballot papers

Thursday, April 14th, 2022 11:42 | By
A silhouette of a voter. PHOTO/Courtesy

Voting has been suspended in some of the UDA nominations polling centres including Sibanga Health Centre, Chisare and Ngonyek primary schools.

This is after it emerged that few ballot papers were submitted compared to the number of registered voters.

John Njuguna, one of the aspirants claimed to People Daily Digital that the discrepancy is a deliberate move occasioned by one of the candidates.

"Imagine, here in Sibanga there are 834 registered voters but only 550 ballot papers for MP and 350 for MCA were delivered. Where will the rest of the voters get ballot papers? Njuguna asked.

He called on the United Democratic Alliance national elections board to intervene so that the exercise goes on as planned.

"We are asking our National Elections Board to come on board and call off the entire exercise in this constituency until such a time when all our raised concerns are addressed" he appealed.

Stephen Bonuke a voter in one of the same polling centres said the challenge is likely to threaten the entire exercise in Cherang'any constituency.

"We are aware that one candidate, a former member of Parliament is chest-thumping that he will win this race. We are beginning to doubt the entire process," Bonuke said.

A similar incident was registered in Chisare primary school where only 350 ballot papers for the position of Member of Parliament and 350 for the post of Member of County Assembly were availed.

Six candidates are eyeing UDA ticket in Cherang'any constituency. They include former MP Wesley Korir, former banker Julius Tunduria, businessman John Njuguna, Joshua Koskei and Loryne Cherop.

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