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Wajackoyah signals end of political ‘beef’ with Jalang’o

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022 14:36 | By
Wajackoyah signals end of political 'beef' with Jalang'o
Roots presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah and Lang'ata MP hopeful Jalang'o. PHOTO/Jalang'o and Wajackoyah/Facebook.

Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has extended an olive branch to Lang'ata MP hopeful Felix Odiwour alias Jalang'o whom he was quarrelling with only a month ago.

Jalang'o rubbed Wajackoyah the wrong way after he dismissed his bid to be the next president. He termed his State House bid as ‘short-lived hype’.

Speaking during an interview with Mugai Eve on YouTube in May 2022, the Lang'ata MP hopeful dismissed Wajackoyah’s candidature on grounds that he is inexperienced compared to other presidential candidates.

The comedian-turned-politician also noted that the hype surrounding Wajackoyah's presidential bid would wane after the August 9 polls are set and done.

The Roots Party presidential candidate hit back at Jalang’o in a quick rejoinder while speaking in an interview with Tempire TV YouTube channel.

Wajackoyah called out the Lang’ata MP hopeful noting that he was too young to be giving him political advice.

“Jalang’o is a cerelac kid. I am old enough to be his father and since he has mentioned my name I hope he comes up short in the race for Lang’ata MP. How can you talk to your father like this?” He posed.

The controversial presidential candidate also questioned Jalango’s education qualifications even though the Lang’ata MP hopeful has been cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to vie in the August 9 poll.

“We want to know where he (Jalang’o) got that degree,” Wajackoyah stated.

Wajackoyah ends beef with Jalang'o

The Roots presidential candidate appeared to have buried the hatchet with Jalang'o while campaigning in Kisumu on June 27 where he sent a shoutout to the Lang'ata MP hopeful.

Speaking to a big gathering at the historic Kondele grounds, Wajackoyah told residents that he had been sent by Raila Odinga to deliver a message to his supporters.

He started his address by chanting ‘Agwambo hoyee, Agwambo hoyee, Babu Owino hoyee, Jalangó hoyee’, to the amusement of those present.

"Jokisumo hoyee. Jomodak Nairobi. Modak Embakasi. Umosna wuod Ongili (Babu Owino). Jalang'o nyaka umosi. (Kisumu people, especially those who live in Nairobi, Embakasi, please pass my regards to Babu Owino. Pass my regards to Jalang'o as well)," Wajackoyah said.

"Abiro od baba. Tokidhi od baba nyaka idhi maber. Kuma awuokie awinjo ni baba nowuok kucha.
Koro wan kod bedroom baba Mumias kucha. Koro okona ni kidhi kisumu tidhi kiromo. Tokiyanyo baba, tirodhi. (I have come to Kisumu, Baba's hometurf, and I know that if you come to Baba's hometurf, you must not misbehave. I understand that Baba has roots from where I come from (Mumias) so Mumias is Baba's bedroom. He told me not to misbehave when in Kisumu. You can be in trouble if you insult Baba here)," he added.

Wajackoyah further urged Kisumu residents to boo politicians who insult Baba.

"Nitie ng'ato mayanyo ga baba ung'ye? Kobiro ka to ugone nduru. (There's someone who always insults Baba; don't you know him? (referring to Ruto). Shout at him when he comes here [Kisumu])," he said.

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