August 9

Wambora loses Embu Senate race as DP candidate wins by landslide

Saturday, August 13th, 2022 09:44 | By
Martin Wambora. PHOTO/File

Embu Governor and the current Chairman of the Council of Governors Martin Wambora lost Embu's senatorial seat in a highly contested election.

Wambora garnered 13,523 votes, coming fifth in a list of 12 contestants.

The seat was won by the Democratic Party (DP) candidate Alexander Mundigi who garnered 81,162 votes.

Wambora's deputy David Kariuki was not spared either after he came second despite running on the most popular party in Embu County, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Locals, who spoke to People Daily Digital after the announcement of the results said the election served the two right claiming that Wambora's 10-year tenure has not been good for them.

"I come from Mbeere. Wambora's administration neglected us. We chose to vote him and his deputy out," Nyaga Ngari, a resident of Mbeere South, said.

The second-term governor suffered double tragedy as his Umoja Na Maendeleo Party (UMP) which he registered recently failed to get any elected seat across the country.

The party had fielded many candidates in Embu and other Mount Kenya counties but none won any seat.

Wambora's impeachment

Anger As Embu governor reappoints graft suspect to head county treasury
Embu Governor Martin Wambora. PHOTO/Courtesy

Wambora had been described as a man with "nine lives " after he overcame several attempts to impeach him but his defeat may have brought to an end the narration.

Wambora was elected Embu governor in 2013 and in 2014, he became the first governor to be impeached.

He, however, survived after Supreme Court dismissed the impeachment case.

During his impeachment, the Embu County Assembly was accusing Wambora of embezzling Ksh32.3 million as well as refusing to suspend Lorna Kariuki who was then the county secretary in charge of the tenders for the renovation of Moi stadium and procurement of seed for distribution to farmers.

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