August 9

Wambora skips swearing-in ceremony for new Embu governor Cecily Mbarire

Thursday, August 25th, 2022 12:16 | By
Wambora skips swearing-in ceremony for new Embu governor Cecily Mbarire
Empty seat that was designated for Martin Wambora. PHOTO/Brian Malila.

Outgoing Embu governor Martin Wambora has skipped the swearing-in ceremony for his successor Cecily Mbarire and her deputy Kinyua Mugo.

Wambora's decision to skip is still known to him.

His seat remained empty for the better part of the swearing-in ceremony for the incoming governor.

Outgoing Embu county Secretary Johansson Nyaga led the transition team that was organising the swearing-in ceremony for the governor.

Yesterday, the team that was organising the swearing-in confirmed that Wambora was expected to attend the ceremony.

Wambora's administration has been criticized by the locals with many residents accusing the county government of failing to deliver development.

Wambora has served Embu county for two consecutive years.

While addressing residents after being sworn in, the new Embu governor regretted that the county has suffered untold levels of development even after receiving a huge chunk of money from the national government.

"It is regrettable that development in the county has not been achieved to the expectations of the locals in our county. 10 years down the line we have received billions in the county but the administration which has been in place has failed our people," Mbarire said.

New governor to revive health sector

Mbarire promised to revive the health sector which she said is on its deathbed.

"Our hospitals have no medicine, this will come to an end under my leadership," Mbarire noted.

She also promised to lock out all the loopholes that were being used to loot the public resources in the county.

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