Author: Adalla Allan

Omoyo’s 50 years behind the lenses, yet still clicking away

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a world bombarded with visuals, there is an unsung hero who has spent five decades preserving life’s moments – […]

Final curtain falls on Mangelepa music band star Vivi Nzanzi

Reading Time: 2 minutes The music scene is grieving the death of rhumba legend Vieux Vivi Kalenga Nzanzi who died on Wednesday. Vivi was […]

Blurred lines: Navigating the complex bond between sons and mothers-in-law

Reading Time: 5 minutes Recently, content creator and social media personality Kabi Wa Jesus came under sharp criticism for dancing with his mother-in-law. In […]

Sky was not the limit for pilot who flew Moi, Kibaki

Reading Time: 4 minutes May 19, this year, was a special and emotional day for retired Colonel James Gitahi. The day officially marked the […]

Little known mental disease that affects men more

Reading Time: 5 minutes Two months prior to his visitation to the hospital, James Kimanzi, 28, had developed what many termed as weird character.  […]

Marking the annual Africa Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every year on May 25, the world celebrates Africa Day. Africa Union says the day is an opportunity for Africans […]

Deep dive into crypto, forex trade

Reading Time: 4 minutes While Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is rising to become the “new oil”, cryptocurrency and foreign exchange (Forex) trading are the most […]

What would have torn us apart,  made us stronger

Reading Time: 4 minutes The memories of the December 13, 2014 will forever be etched in the memories of Kenyan Seattle-based gospel artist and […]