Author: Alberto Leny

Bt maize could relieve hurting farmers, consumers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Kenya’s maize farmers have for long appealed to the government and researchers to provide a lasting solution to tame pests […]

Bold actions to revive Africa’s food systems

Reading Time: 3 minutes African leaders have committed themselves to urgently implement actions to transform the continent’s fragile agriculture and food systems amid the […]

‘Drought tsunami’ puts 350 million at starvation risk

Reading Time: 5 minutes Food is now the most important economic, political and security issue globally, with many leaders at the recent United Nations […]

Earth for All book charts 5 steps to save humanity

Reading Time: 6 minutes A perilous combination of climate breakdown, air pollution and biodiversity loss coupled with growing poverty, rising inequality and endless conflict […]

Special day revives the 1963 freedom legacy

Reading Time: 4 minutes When President Uhuru Kenyatta presides over Madaraka Day celebrations – one year before the 60th anniversary of this auspicious occasion […]

Kibaki, Mboya link in struggle for freedom

Reading Time: 3 minutes The famous picture of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Thomas Joseph “TJ” Mboya and Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki hugging and jumping for […]

Kibaki and the ethnic factor, curse of Kenyan politics, society

Reading Time: 4 minutes There is probably no Kenyan political leader who felt the pain of negative ethnicity in the national psyche more than […]

Why coalitions hold the key to election victory

Reading Time: 2 minutes As political parties’ nominations edge closer to a conclusion, focus now turns to how the formations will address the burning […]