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Ten ways to enrich your life

Nowadays, life has become stressful, coupled with frustrations and discontent, especially following challenges brought about by Covid-19 pandemic. April being […]

Ten dos and don’ts before, during, and after Covid-19 vaccine shot

As coronavirus vaccines continue to  be rolled out, questions still linger on how people should handle themselves and what they […]

Teenage fatherhood not a walk in the park

While teenage motherhood has been extensively studied and documented, there has been relatively little research on teenage fatherhood.

Blame shifting and how it ruins relationships

I would not have had an affair if you were fast enough in the game.” “I wouldn’t have beaten her […]

Life gives young doctor a dose of lessons

It took commitment, patience, optimism and a proper support system for Dr Brian Mbuthia Kimani, 30, to achieve his dreams. […]

Ten types of mental health illnesses

Psychiatric disorders are a major risk factor for suicide. World Health Organisation estimates that 90 per cent of all suicide […]

Ten signs showing you are on verge of mental breakdown

The new realities of life such as job losses, paycuts, lack of physical contact with family members and friends and […]

Ten ways to protect your skin when wearing a face mask

Following the coronavirus pandemic, the government announced it is illegal not to wear a face mask while in public. But […]