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UK, Mumias schools raise funds for public library

Reading Time: < 1 minute School children last week marked World Book Day by writing a book that wi*l raise funds tow*rds a c*mmunity library […]

Adios Kiptum: Marathon star with generous heart

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kelvin Kiptum, the athlete who is being buri*d today in a small vi*lage in western Kenya, is remembered by those […]

African Union bans donkey skin business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Animal welfare charities have welc*med an Africa-wide ban on the controversial donkey skin trade. It wi*l make it i*****l to […]

Men’s conference: How some Kenyans mark Valentine’s Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re a man on Kenyan social media on Valentine’s Day, you might have been invited to an all-male conference, […]

Where is the pint? Zanzibar tourists run out of alcohol

Reading Time: 3 minutes The s**ce islands of Zanzibar are facing a shortage of alcohol which threatens the tourism sector of one of Africa’s […]

Meet Bouchra Karboubi, the cop and referee

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bouchra Karboubi is a guardian of the law. On the pitch she uses her whistle and c*rds to maintain order […]

World’s first IVF rhino pregnancy ‘could save species’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Scientists have achieved the world’s first IVF rhino pregnancy, successfully transferring a lab-created rhino embryo into a s**************r. The procedure […]

Resistant mosquito threatens malaria fight

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new species of mosquito is driving up infections in Africa, fuelling a growing public health concern. The Anopheles Stephensi […]