Author: Catherine Njiru

Collaboration key in driving refreshed digital ski*ls

Reading Time: 2 minutes Although sti*l in its infancy, Africa’s digital ecosystem has limitless potential to spur economic growth, advance social and gender equality, […]

Holiday homes safe bet among ‘safety-first’ merry makers

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s Christmas eve. And Christmas means family time. It means vacation time. It’s a time to be jolly with family […]

City organic spot to drink to your health

Reading Time: 2 minutes As more and more Kenyans begin to adopt the organic eating trend, so are organic stores cropping up around the […]

S**ce, cheese and everything Indian

Reading Time: 3 minutes When the food finally docked on our table.  Heaven was on that plate. I could have inhaled it and ingested […]

Why you are sti*l single

Reading Time: 4 minutes While you may be doing everything in your power to attract your Prince Charming, it may surprise you to learn […]

How to see through her lies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes, an untruth is sweeter than facing the bitter truth. We help you figure out when your girl is not […]

Covid-19 curfew humbles husbands a good one!

Reading Time: 2 minutes But this rona, waah! The toll it has taken on husbands is on another level. And I’m in no way […]

Shh! Peaceful single w***n at work

Reading Time: 2 minutes So many friends are under pressure to start families, even when they don’t want to settle down. “Na wewe utaolewa […]