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Fuel price hike will spike cost of living

The pump price hike of diesel and petrol as announced by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) last Friday […]

Military did Kenya proud at President Daniel arap Moi Moi burial

The Kenyan military are the unsung heroes of the Wednesday burial of retired President Daniel arap Moi. On learning about […]

Public needs timely updates on coronavirus virus

The coronavirus, which seems to be defying round-the-clock efforts by the Chinese government and top global medical experts to contain […]

Time for reflection as President Moi is laid to rest

Today, retired President Daniel arap Moi, who passed on a week ago, will be laid to rest today. It is […]

Tread carefully on trade negotiations

Kenya’s recent bullish search for trade partnerships has seen President Uhuru Kenyatta set camp in top world cities. The President […]

President Moi’s death chance for reflection by officials

Kenyans have been glued to TV screens watching as the country mourns former President Daniel arap Moi.  Having dedicated 42 […]

How heavy taxation is killing businesses

As far as tourism goes, Kenya has been on an upward trajectory. Joint efforts by Brand Kenya, Kenya Tourism Board […]

Diaspora inflows grow at slowest pace in four years

John Otini Diaspora remittances to Kenya grew at the slowest pace in four years following the expiry of a tax […]