Author: Fred Aminga

Rising fuel prices and the bitter anniversary twist

Reading Time: 3 minutes The abrupt increase in fuel costs has left Kenyans in a tight spot, with some seeing it as an ironic […]

Concerns in Sacco sector demand quick attention

Reading Time: 3 minutes The cooperative movement, particularly through Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (Saccos), play a significant role in driving Kenya’s economy. With […]

Chef takes Kenya culture to the US
restaurant scene

Reading Time: 4 minutes Had the hand of fate not intervened, Kevin Onyona would have ended up as a priest, serving spiritual nourishment to […]

Climate meet a wake up call for circular economy

Reading Time: 3 minutes When I pass the Outering Road, I ensure the window is rolled up, not for fear of neighborhood hoodlums who […]

Eyeball harvesting put State data office in spotlight

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya was recently the centre of focus with two major occurrences that once again put the country’s preparedness to dangers […]

Efforts in job creation must match the youth bulge

Reading Time: 3 minutes The increasing number of jobless Kenyans should prick our conscience and we must start asking tough questions on youth unemployment. […]

Struggling stock exchange sign of ailing economy

Reading Time: 3 minutes The stock exchange serves as a barometer of the country’s fiscal health, and the pulse of the economy’s ups, downs […]

Nepotism huge scar in country’s growth prospects

Reading Time: 3 minutes For decades now, Kenya’s economy has been hurtling towards self-destruction after every election cycle, in what is now becoming a […]