Author: Gathu Kaara

Netanyahu has destroyed goodwill vital to Israel

Reading Time: 3 minutes In October 2023, Hamas attacked Israel by unleashing a barrage of rockets and then invading its territory from Gaza. The […]

KRA has got it all wrong on jua kali enterprises

Reading Time: 3 minutes The government has remained fixated for years with the premise that there is a huge untapped tax base in the […]

Bursary system broken, needs drastic overhaul

Reading Time: 3 minutes Three things illustrate just how badly broken the system of bursaries in Kenya is. First is Nakuru West MP Samuel […]

Embakasi’s will not be last energy disaster

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yet again, another accident that was as predictable as they come happened last week in Embakasi Estate in Nairobi, when […]

Culture of refusing to pay debts will be our ruin

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenyans are very poor at meeting their financial obligations. This problem pervades the entire body politic. The problem affects individuals, […]

Fire inept principals and stop victimising pupils

Reading Time: 3 minutes Distraught and frustrated parents have increasingly taken matters into their own hands because of disastrous Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination […]

State must put money in people’s pockets

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is almost cliché- 2023 was one of the toughest economic years in recent memory. Everybody struggled. People have become […]

Judicial double-edged sword cuts both ways

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a burst of frustration, President William Ruto went on a full frontal attack on the Judiciary. The President has […]