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Ramp up vaccination to enable Kenya return to

The government has finally relaxed some of the stringent containment measures it had imposed on March 26, when covid infections […]

Tackle Kenya’s runaway crisis of young men urgently

Kenya has more or less abandoned her youth. It’s an all too familiar story. Police gunning down youths, some barely […]

Global community must reject Mogadishu power grab

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, alias Farmajo, has extended his stay in office for a further two years. His term […]

Authorities must be resolute to tame rogue boda bodas

For years now, the warning signs have been flashing. Alarm bells have been ringing loud and clear that boda bodas […]

New Tanzania leader must reverse disastrous track

For a while, Tanzania seemed like it was walking on water. Due to the complete suppression of any information about […]

Why is Kenya still inadequately prepared for Covid-19?

Kenya is now in the throes of a third wave of Covid-19 infections. After enjoying a ‘long’ period of sub-5 […]

Only strict disciplinary actions will stem school fires

It is that season again- season of school fires. A reported 25 schools have been razed after schools reopened barely […]

Kapedo security operation should silence guns forever

The government has finally moved to deal with the insecurity problem in the Kapedo region of Turkana county. Kapedo jumped […]