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With new MPs, Wanjiku will be Sh95b wealthier

The increase in number of constituencies has been a political hot topic as the BBI report is moving to the […]

The idea of a non-contested referendum is a fallacy

Political contests bring out the ‘best’ of our political leaders. All of a sudden, they realise they are part of […]

Big moment for digital natives with choices

There is something interesting about Kenyans. Even though the bulk of voters in the coming referendum are millennials and digital […]

Inclusivity and socioeconomic boost big for youth

The BBI is finally out, and politics aside, we can finally have a sober debate on a document now in […]

Sakaja’s bill poised to drive innovation, create jobs

The Kenyan Parliament has recently published the Start-up Bill 2020. The bill published in the Kenya Gazette and sponsored by […]

Delegated power delivers, it doesn’t just promise

Dennis Brutus, one of my favourite poets and anti-apartheid icon has this iconic poem titled “There was once a girl.” […]

What is the bigger picture with hustler nation?

The ‘Hustler Nation’ narrative has gained traction and there seems to be some silent unanimity that it is a big […]

Maraga advisory a wake up call, though not realistic

The relationship between the Judiciary and the executive has been fairly frosty and what is happening between the two will […]