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Party discipline and collective position dilemma

Strong democracies are built on strong political parties. Public interest issues are deliberated within political parties and once a position […]

Mwananchi’s stake in grand development issues

After a five-month break occasioned by change of guard in the US, the trade talks between Kenya and the US […]

Anti-mwananchi prosperity team rocking BBI

Looking at the history of this country, especially the political and media history, there is no doubt that policy has […]

Why journalism must dig deep in the trenches

This week has been fairly eventful. From the candidness with which the Deputy President (DP) chronicled what has transpired in […]

Shift needed on where to channel private investments

Kenya is indeed blessed with moneyed bigwigs whose knack for seizing trade opportunities is second to very few.  You look […]

Urgent need for centric public funded broadcast media

The media in Kenya is one of the most vibrant in Sub-Saharan Africa, and over the last two decades, it […]

MCAs have duty to sell BBI based on its content

That BBI, Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020   is going to the county assemblies is a big call to […]

Let’s keep conversation going to fight graft

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s address to the Kikuyu nation was a great moment for radio and specifically the vernacular stations.  In […]