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Why it’s hard to agree about time, space in the village

I recently had the pleasant occasion to bewilder an old fellow together with three middle-aged men I found at a […]

Which African city will Africities Summit exhibit?

Those who have visited Israel can attest to the strong cultural divide that separates the old and the new Jerusalem. […]

Is there balance of leadership in our universities?

Top management roles in university education in Kenya are usually reserved for distinguished scholars with demonstrated leadership potential. This is […]

Nothing kills folklore like loss of vital biodiversity

With all this modernity around, nothing could be as threatened as biological diversity of plant and animal life on earth. […]

Covid-19 has demonstrated universality of science

We are still waiting for findings from a study conducted by ahysician in Kansas City who was curious about whether […]

Ethnic tensions at root of resources stalemate

As much as we may deny it, one of the reasons Kenya’s Senate could not hold a healthy conversation over […]

The evasive ‘peace’ in the Nobel Peace Prize

Kenyans and the world still remember Prof Maathai Wangari, winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize. Wangari popularised conservation through […]

How much Internet access should children have?

The year since March 2020 when schools and colleges shut down in response to Covid-19 protocols has been horrifying for […]