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Kenya to reap big from global energy transition

Kenya stands most to gain from expected softening of  global oil prices as transition to renewable energy becomes the cornerstone […]

MPC set to hold base interest rate

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is expected to hold stance on interest rates tomorrow due to muted inflation expectations and […]

Experts differ over speed of post-vaccine economic rally

Economists are unable to agree on the speed at which the global economy will recover next year even as World […]

Tech hubs face cash crunch as pandemic drains donor funds

SURVEY: Technology hubs in Kenya are having difficulties monetising themselves and are struggling to survive due to lack of funding […]

Millennials ‘hit harder’ by Corona

At least 64 per cent of Kenyans borrowed money in October, which according to a new survey, raises concerns over […]

Treasury in talks with IMF on Sh230b lending facility

John Otini and Reuters Kenya is discussing a $2.3 billion (Sh230 billion) lending programme with International Monetary Fund (IMF) for budgetary […]

Cypto assets now bullish on Covid-19

Global cryptocurrency Bitcoin touched an all-time high Wednesday, breaking through the Sh1.96 million mark ($18,000), handing investors handsome returns. The […]

Developers shift focus as warehouse demand soars

Property developers are shifting to warehouse development due to a shortage of grade A warehouses and low yields in residential […]