Author: Judy Njino

COP 27: Africa’s priorities must take centre stage

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How to future-proof your business for survival

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Businesses must lead in respecting human rights

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A wake up call to Kenyan CEOs to lead with purpose

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Why we must unite brands with purpose

Reading Time: 2 minutes Does your business have the ability to change the world?  Sustainability is r*pidly bec*ming fundamental for most, if not all, […]

Businesses, UN to chart way for sustainable Africa

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, December 3, the United Nations G****l C*mpact wi*l convene some of Africa’s leading business executives to inform, inspire and […]

It is time for businesses to show human face

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions, damage and loss in the lives of mi*lions around the world. For Kenya, […]