Author: Kwach Wakhisi

Jackline Wanjiku Muna, 99 years, an orphan and mother of two, speaks on being thrust into widowhood at a young age

Reading Time: 4 minutes Twenty-nine-year-old Jackline Wanjiku Muna, an orphan and mother of two, speaks on being thrust into widowhood at a young age, […]

Subtle ways of declaring love interest on social media

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Allergies in children and helping them cope

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Balancing self-care and raising five sons

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Should you discipline your children differently?

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How I found footing in hair business: Georgina Njeri Kirungo shares her story

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The joy and pain of online shopping

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Surviving rape, suicide attempt to live a full life

Reading Time: 4 minutes Redempta Mbugua-Njui was only 18, when she was raped by a gang of thugs who had attacked her parents’ home […]