Author: Kwach Wakhisi

Be warned, belittling your partner a big deal

Reading Time: 3 minutes Being in a romantic relationship sounds like a good thing, but relationships are not always rosy. Along the way, the […]

Healing the wounded inner child

Reading Time: 4 minutes Each person has an inner child — a younger version of ourselves who holds our earlier experiences, thoughts, and beliefs […]

Helping end period shame, poverty in homes of less fortunate

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We found a new normal after our lupus diagnosis

Reading Time: 6 minutes Francina Bahati painfully remembers the day of her father’s burial as if it were yesterday. She remembers the day not […]

Proud mother of five raising twin sons 

Reading Time: 4 minutes On Sunday, Kenya and the rest of the world marked Mother’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate and honour […]

Struggling with mum guilt? Here’s how to cope

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We planned for three children, but got six

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Mullen Awuor Oigo Magak and her husband Pastor James Ochieng Magak lost their third born child when he was […]

Success abroad doesn’t always need one to cut corners

Reading Time: 4 minutes Selah Gaomi wears many hats — she is a scriptwriter, actress, spoken word artist and a gospel musician. Selah who […]