Author: Kwach Wakhisi

What entrepreneurs are looking forward to in 2022

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Resolutions: Setting parenting goals for the new year

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When reckless celebrations cost young people opportunities

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How Christmas has changed over the years

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Academician’s journey to the corridors of lecture halls

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Living positively, raising a HIV negative generation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Today, Kenya and the rest of the world marks World Aids Day under the theme “End Inequalities. End Aids,” with […]

Housewife, a full-time job worthy of compensation

Reading Time: 4 minutes When High Court judge Teresia Matheka, while presiding over a matrimonial property dispute declared that being a housewife is a […]

Fodder farming provides relief to drought-hit pastoralists

Reading Time: 3 minutes On a typical Wednesday afternoon in Bisanadi in Kinna Ward, Isiolo county, the sun is blazing down over the vast […]