Author: Levi Obonyo

Leaders have a lot to learn from UK power transition

Reading Time: 3 minutes The idea that Kenya can be compared to another country, and particularly our leadership, often does not sit well with […]

Media can learn from Queen’s funeral coverage

Reading Time: 3 minutes Trust the British to put up a magnificent show! They did not disappoint with the funeral of their late monarch, […]

Criticise Fourth Estate positively for growth

Reading Time: 3 minutes It has become fashionable to call Kenyan media names. One of those now famous names is githeri media. The fact […]

On fuel crisis, media should go beyond the obvious

Reading Time: 3 minutes First, it was a honk, then my name was called out. I checked and from across the line, my friend, […]

Actor, comedian stage antics a big let down 

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was simply incredible. Chris Rock the American stand-up comedian had walked to the stage at the Dolby Theatre and […]

Let’s not take democratic space for granted

Reading Time: 3 minutes This nation’s politics have changed, they would be unrecognisable compared to mere 30 years ago. With less than five months […]

Vote-rigging claims in the last election disturbing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Twice in as many months, leading political lights have come forth to make statements to the effect that the elections […]

 A wake up call for Kenya to redefine herself 

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was an ugly scene by any definition, and the less one dwells into the details the better. The incident […]