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Media houses should keep violence out of screens

How much violence do we wish to countenance in the Kenyan media? None actually, going by the regulatory frameworks in […]

We must plan to change how we do politics

We are already in the throes of our ritual five year horror show called elections, and this round with a […]

Time we kept jokes out of serious news business

Journalism may appear chaotic. What with cameramen trying to rise above each other to get the best vantage point to […]

How age of robots will change media landscape

That Artificial Intelligence is bringing myriad changes to journalism goes without saying. It is the speed that is sometimes surprising. […]

Media’s ability to shape opinion under threat

Is the media as influential and as powerful as media scholars make us believe? Some media scholars submit that media […]

America’s waning power will upset world order

This is hard to believe for those of us living in regions globally characterised as developing – the point that […]

Singer Kigame is a voice of reason in the wilderness

You have to give it to him, Reuben Kigame is a man of determination. Many people like trumpeting their achievements, […]

Senators should take their work seriously

What is happening in the Senate is inscrutable! There is no shortage of talk, talk and more talk. In the […]